Belonging to AIW not only helps raise the standard of waterproofing in the industry, but there are significant direct benefits.

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Some of the Member benefits include:

  • Access to the latest technical information, including technical drawings
  • Access to ‘formal course’ and ‘outline’ training via our network association with AMA and our own course material.
  • The rights to use the AIW logo in members communication to build brand credibility.
  • “Forum” web connectivity with others in the industry to update information or find solutions
  • Contractors ‘lead’ generation in the local area or field of expertise.
  • Greater connectivity to Members web sites
  • Opportunity to get discounted business website designed
  • Economical annual Membership Fees in every Category


Full Voting Members:

  • Contractors – organisations in the business of waterproofing application.  Annual Subs $310
  • Professional/Consultant – Members advising or reviewing waterproofing. Annual Subs $310
  • Material Reseller – organisations reselling waterproofing products. Annual Subs $310
  • Manufacturer/Supplier – organisations manufacturing or importing. Annual Subs $510
    Note: The above categories enjoy voting rights and use of the Institute’s logo.

Associate Members:

  • Affiliate Member – Professionals, Associations, Government bodies. Annual Subs $110

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