President’s Christmas Address – 2021

AIW President’s Christmas Message – 2021

2021 has been another year of Covid shutdowns across the country that has affected all of us in many ways. I can only hope that the effects are not detrimental to your businesses.

 Changes On the Way

We can expect some changes in the way we think about work after a couple of years of working differently. Some of us will utilize this transition to free up more leisure time (if possible) or re-focus on how we do things. Either way, I feel changes are happening and, hopefully, for the best.


We will be seeing changes in regulations concerning our day-to-day operations. NSW is leading the way in this regard and the knock-on effect across the country will be swift, so be ready for it. We expect the industry to tighten up on applications being installed which are not “fit for purpose”.

The constant push to have waterproofing installed in time for the next trade or step in the construction program is relentless and it is taking its toll on what should be quality installations.

On the other hand, I see the ‘race to the bottom’ slowing down, with the quality and performance of products are being looked at more seriously. Applicators are looking at using products that will do the job – for the life of the job – and diminish warranty issues.


In other changes, we welcomed several new Committee Members. Added input and some fresh ideas are very welcome. The passion for our industry has never been stronger with very knowledgeable people being involved that really do care about what is happening in our industry.

Thank You

Most importantly, I would like to thank each and everyone of our fine Committee Members, as well as Shell and Rosemary in Admin, for their time and effort.  So, a seriously big THANKS to you all and a special thank you to David Hepworth, as I personally believe he carries the weight of the AIW.  I would also like to thank Frank Moebus for his valuable input over the years while being part of Bayset in Queensland. He has withdrawn from AIW matters to focus on other endeavours.

Next Year

Next year we hope to be able to have some AIW meetings around the country and bring in some more like-minded contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and associated professionals into the mix.

 In the meaning, I wish everyone along with their families an extremely Merry Xmas and a wonderful New Year for 2022.



Paul Evans

AIW President