With the cold and wet weather in the southern states, it is the usual battle to get applications done. We urge members not to be pressured by those who “want it done” even though there may be a wet substrate! As we all know where that will end up.

The AIW is seeing more and more waterproofers and affiliated professionals join the up so the word is out that we are finally getting somewhere.

I take this opportunity to say thanks to the current Committee who are all giving
up their own time and effort to push forward with the ongoing battle to better our industry.

Mal Ferraro and Frank Moebus have been doing the QBCC roadshow which I am
sure they will post all about this in this newsletter. Well done guys.

We are seeing some shift in local (VIC) government mentality towards the age-old problem of water ingress and the subsequent damages it’s causing.

The AIW has recently submitted an amendment request to the VBA for a re-wording of the
Building Code in reference to waterproofing applications being inspected by building surveyors. We hope they will agree with this amendment which would then require builders to have a membrane system inspected and signed off before a Certificate of Occupancy is

And we are still pushing for the Tiling Standard to be re-instated (Standards Australia wants to abolish it so we will have no standard for correct tile laying!) – It’s on hold at the moment. For all those who are applying correctly, this will be a favourable change and for those that are not (not AIW Members) will help them bring up the standard and install a decent membrane system that can be warranted with piece of mind. The Building Surveyors will need training on what to inspect as currently what we see is they just ask for a certificate
of compliance and they are happy with this. Stay tuned for further outcomes on this hot

In June, I travelled the country (on my own coin- so don’t worry about your AIW subs) side visiting a number of waterproofing industry professionals who are also passionate about the industry. One in particular, from the UK, is Mr Ian Maclennan (or Mac) who is at the forefront of underground waterproofing. He and his team in the UK have a broad knowledge
and undertake some very large projects with terrific results. We spoke for many hours in his offices and we explored the methods and criteria they use in the UK where they have a “Below Ground Standard” unlike us where we do not even have a standard for this! More on that later.

While we are still twiddling our thumbs in Australia getting a standard, we at the AIW
are looking at adopting the British standard for our use here. This may help eliminate
all the guess work involved with contractors doing what they feel is right but not always ending up right. The high amount of below ground leaks is becoming a very serious problem as we all want more bang for our buck when building a home or development and going down as the answer for more M2 in a build.

As I pursue more on this underground topic, I will keep you all in the loop. I encourage everyone to get on the AIW website – update your company details and get involved in the newly created Forum on the website – this will be a great place for members to have a say about what they see should be happening and help each other out if you have a tricky job and not sure how to tackle it.

Remember, we may be competitors, but we are also a small fraternity with a large amount of work out there. We need to work together more rather than being out there on your own. You are not – you’re a member of a wider network being with the AIW.

Paul Evans
AIW Chairman