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Project Management Services

We offer a range of project management services with respect to building renovation and exterior and interior refurbishment. We are primarily focused on ensuring the quality delivery of the finished project, providing confidence that the right processes are employed by competent contractors in order to protect your property.

We have a small team of expert trades capable of undertaking direct trade works for existing project management clients, as and where an opportunity presents, to provide specialist solutions for difficult trade issues.

Prior to quoting on any project we conduct a preliminary inspection of the building and note and photographically document the extent of works required, in order to give you an accurate quotation to the client for the level of attention the project requires.

Facade Refurbishment Package

Building facade restoration and refurbishment is a significant investment with multi-dwelling properties.

When undertaking the renovation or rectification of significant structures, there are many control measures that need to be adopted. A property of this size and nature usually means a significant investment in preparation, rectification, and refinishing, even where the building is in relatively good condition. However, where the property is at varying stages of degradation, the project becomes more intricate and complicated.

A project manager’s role is to ensure that the right products are used, suitably qualified contractors, diligent site supervision and quality assurance procedures are in place. This is imperative to protect your refurbishment investment, whilst complying with legislation and occupational work, health and safety regulations.

We are able to provide a range of services within our standard refurbishment package to aid the property owner / body corporate through this process. A list of these services and an explanation of each service is listed below.

Inevitably some projects require more attention, due to building conditions, site restrictions, or other complications that reach outside the requirement of most projects.

Facade Refurbishment Package Inclusions

 Contractor validation and qualification
 Contractor appointment
 Contract Preparation
 Job schedule planning meeting
 Contractor Compliance OH&S, waste management, access etc
 Site sample installation and approval
 Installed product QA
 Progressive project management inspections throughout the project duration
 Weekly progress reporting
 Non Compliance reporting
 Stage payment approvals
 Tenant notifications
 Material manufactures inspections
 Warranty documentation

The above services form the overall service offer in the standard refurbishment package. The level of involvement from the building owners / body corporate or one of it’s representatives is really at the discretion of the client.

It should be noted that we do not appoint contractors. This is the function of the building owner / body corporate. It is our role to ensure the pool of contractors from which you select, has been qualified as capable, licensed, insured and that they have a solid history of similar job references, both recent and historic.

It is often common place to attend the body corporate meetings in order to answer any questions prior to, during or post completion of any refurbishment project.

Facade Refurbishment Package Definitions

Contractor Validation and Qualification

Contractor selection is a difficult process, and is not purely a function of price. In order for the client to make an informed decision a full review of each tendering contractor is undertaken by the project manager. Each contractor must provide evidence of :
• Licenses
• Insurances
• Man power / capability
• OH&S compliance
• Waste management and containment compliance
• Relevant quality references both recent and historic
• Knowledge of the specified product

Once the following has been established and the tendered prices are confirmed as compliant to the specification and scope of works, the client / body corporate is then able to make an informed decision with respect to their chosen contractor.

Contractor Appointment

At this stage there are many considerations that need determination and agreement between the parties. The project manager’s role is to facilitate this discussion and document the client’s decisions to provide clarity and direction for all parties. This includes but is not limited to details such as:
• Project timing
• Schedule of payments
• Retention process

Contract Establishment

As an additional service, we provide a standard contract for our body corporate clients to use when contracting to their chosen contractor. We have had this drafted by our solicitors and it mirrors the Australian Standards Subcontractors Contract, but has been converted from legal jargon to common language for the ease of understanding.

The contract is fair to both contracting parties and has an excellent resolution process should any dispute arise through the project. Our clients are welcome to use this contract should they wish or send it off to their own solicitors for validation.

Alternatively a body corporate may use their own contract drafted by their own solicitors.

Job Schedule Planning Meeting

It is imperative prior commencement that a job schedule is developed and agreed.

This ensures all parties are in agreement as to what works are conducted to what part of the building in sequential order. By planning and mapping the progression of the project it allows the opportunity to advise tenants and residents when works are about to be conducted within or around their occupancy.

By managing this process, it allows for a smoother project with minimal disruption to the client. Job planning is also necessary for quality control, it allows the project manager to separate the inspection process into stages, to ensure the integrity of each stage is acceptable, before the contractor progresses with the work.

The process of work planning is conducted in conjunction with the chosen contractor as the process must allow for uninterrupted workflow on the job and must take into consideration contractor issues, such as access, prevailing weather etc.

Contractor Compliance

During the process of refurbishment the contractor will be expected to comply with the OH&S, waste management, containment and access commitments agreed prior to commencement of the project. Monitoring of this compliance forms part of each inspection throughout the refurbishment. Weekly progress reports will detail such compliance and non compliance reports will be issued where the contractor is failing to comply.

Site Standard Installation and Approval

Prior to commencement of the project the chosen applicator will be asked to establish a site standard of the final works to be completed. This will be installed as detailed in the project specification. The purpose will be to establish and approve the sample workmanship that can be expected on completion of the project.

The sample is indicative but aids by aligning expectations prior to commencement.

Applied Product QC and QA

During the project the contractor will be asked to fulfil a number of QC requirements such as, but not limited to, colour and batch recording. This may be conducted on behalf of the contractor by the product supplier, but must be kept as record for future reference. As part of the project management package this QC process is audited to ensure accurate records are being kept should an issue arise.

Progressive Inspections

During the project we will conduct ongoing inspections of the contractors work.

These inspections will be done at a minimum of ( 3 ) three inspections during a ( 7 ) seven day period. These inspections are usually planned and scheduled.

In addition to this, further impromptu inspections are also conducted where the contractor is not informed of the pending inspection.

This process ensures the integrity of the project from start to completion.

Fortnightly Progress Reporting

At completion of each 14 day period, a progress report will be supplied to the owner / body corporate detailing the jobs progress, any issues on site, inspection results, material performance, unforeseen addition work, contractor compliance, and owner or body corporate feedback where applicable.

Non-compliance Reporting

Where a project inspection detects a non-conformance issue a non-conformance notice will be issued to the contractor and copied to the owner / body corporate. Non conformance issues may consist of, but are not limited to:
• Deviation from the scope of works
• Deviation from the work method statements
• Deviation from the job schedule
• Non-compliance with standards or regulations
• Deviation from the specification

By management of this process we ensure the integrity of the pre-planning is preserved and the job is delivered in a safe, accurate and timely manner.

Stage Payment Approvals

Once it is agreed by the parties prior to commencement, we provide up to date approvals by means of inspection in order to provide confidence in making stage payments to your chosen contractor.

Often we employ a gate process, where the contractor payment claim is only released once we have inspected the works subject to the claim, to ensure the work conducted is complete, compliant and acceptable.

The mechanics of this process must be established prior to commencement.

Tenant Notifications

By monitoring the job schedule, we are able to inform the property manager / owner / body corporate of the physical location of the contractor in the pending week. This then allows opportunity to provide adequate notice to tenants and residents. It can often be a shock to find tradesmen on your balcony in the early hours of the morning, so to eliminate this issue we provide prior notification, which aids the smooth operation of the project.

Material Manufactures Inspections

At completion of the project we will be seeking a copy of the material manufacturer’s warranty. In order to validate the warranty, we ensure that a qualified representative of the supplier is present for at least ( 1 ) one visual inspection per fortnight. Whilst they will not comment on or get involved in project control, they can and should be present to approve the installed coating and verify that it is consistent with the data sheets and consistent with the manufactures expectations.

Warranty Documentation

Once the project is complete we will compile the warranty documents from both the contractor and the product supplier, to be kept on file for future reference.

Maintenance Schedule

For each completed project, we provide a maintenance schedule for preserving the life of the building’s coating systems. The life of a coatings system can be extended by regular maintenance and the regular removal of surface contaminants. This can often be difficult and impractical in multi-level properties but there are a number of things that can be done to assist in prolonging the life of your coating.

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