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Envista’s team of forensic experts proactively look to understand, focus, and assess the rapidly evolving risks our clients face in the post-incident environment. We understand the need for a quick, responsive, and technical approach to the work we undertake, as well as the need for support, advice, and ongoing communication.

We strive to have the expertise for any need that may arise and to teach and educate when and where we can, which is why we devote energy toward not only hiring the best in the industry but also continuing to develop them. We equip our experts with and stay abreast of, new technologies that may present creative ways to solve complex, technical issues for our clients.

Technology is at the heart of what we do and the centre of the world we live in today. Our engineers work in state-of-the-art laboratories with forms of AI, UAV, 3D imagery, and more in order to deliver answers to our clients, beyond a shadow of a doubt

8-10 Belmore Street
Surry Hills
New South Wales
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0475 394 390
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Mark Williamson
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1800 358 346
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