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Waterproofing Inspections and Reports
1. Identify any defects.
2. Identify and damaged caused by the defects.
3. Making recommendations for rectification “Scope of Works” if requested.
4. Costing of the rectification is calculated if requested.

Defects Inspections and Reports
1. The specific contents and format of the defect reports depend on your need.
2. Our building consultant needs to be informed about the reason for the request of inspection to produce an appropriate report.

Insurance Assessment Inspections and Reports
1. Ident defects as a result of an insurance claim.
2. Identify damage caused as a result of an insurance claim.
3. Making recommendations for rectification “Scope of Works” if requested.
4. Costing of the rectification is calculated if requested.

Pre –Purchase Building and Timber Pest Inspections and Reports
1. Residential
2. Commercial
3. Industrial
4. Exceptional Building Inspections’ reports comply with Australian Standards 4349.1 & 4349.3 and detail the condition of the property after inspecting the following relevant areas:
• Interior of the building
• Exterior of the building
• Sub-floor space
• Roof space
• The roof exterior
• The property within 30m of the building.

Dilapidation Inspections and Reports
1. Exceptional Building Inspections, we believe in the importance of through Dilapidation inspections and Dilapidation records.
2. You can have a record of the condition of your property before a project commences either in your property or near your property.
3. We also do dilapidation inspections and reports for councils, developers and builders prior to any major works being undertaken.

Pool and Spa Barrier Certification for Compliance
1. Exceptional Building Inspections’ assessment and certification process includes fence examination, CPR signage checks and all other safety requirements to ensure the full safety and compliance of your pool/Spa. Our accredited pool and spa certifier can:
• Carry out an inspection on your swimming pool and spa for certification.
• Register your swimming pool or spa on the NSW Government Swimming Pool Register.
• Issue a ‘Certificate of Compliance’ for your swimming pool and spa.
• Issue a ‘Certificate of Non-Compliance with a notice of the defects (E22 Notice).
• Re-inspect the swimming pool or spa.

Expert Witness Inspections and Reports
1. These Technical Reports are designed to express an expert opinion regarding building matters that “may come” or “have come” before the Courts and Tribunal.
2. The report format complies with the requirements of the “Expert Code of Conduct” and the report is designed to assist the Courts and Tribunal In their decision process to determine liability and
3. Exceptional Building Inspections produces Expert Witness Reports for both claimants and defendants.

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