International Leak Detection Pty Ltd (ILD Australia)

International Leak Detection Pty Ltd (ILD Australia)
Company Name: International Leak Detection Pty Ltd (ILD Australia)
ABN: 94-139-998-244

Since 2001 International Leak Detection has independantly been the leading provider of roofing and waterproofing integrity testing in Australia & NZ with years of experience in the roofing and waterproofing industry and our proprietary Electric Field Vector Mapping ( EFVM®) testing method.
EFVM® is a leak detection method based the measurement of the current flow between a non-conductive membrane surface and a conductive substrate ie. a concrete rooftop, balconies, planter box etc which is earthed or grounded.
A thin film of water is applied to the surface to be tested and subjected to low voltage.
The current basically flows towards the leak to exit at the earthed substructure/conductive substrate.
This information allows our measurement technicians to precisely detect all respective leaks, regardless of size, at time of membrane installation or within existing structures.
We are also able to detect breaches/leaks within membranes used on green roofs, car-parks, planter boxes & through tiled/ paved surfaces, which makes it perfect for fault finding those troublesome leaks in buildings.
With our new technology, we eliminate the costly necessity to remove tiles, pavers etc. from the area, as we can test right through them, with pinpoint accuracy.
Working throughout Australia, let ILD® efficiently detect your leaks and provide you with a comprehensive written report, arming your with the correct information to make the right decisions for your next steps.

85 Rear, Mt Pleasant Road, Nunawading
Phone Number: 1300 453 453
Fax: (03) 9972 2436
Contact Person 1: Roberto Scalpelli
Contact Person Mobile 1: 0406 272 330
Contact Person Email 1:
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