Krystol Group Pty Ltd

Krystol Group Pty Ltd
Company Name: Krystol Group Pty Ltd
ABN: 26145700625

Krystol Group Pty Ltd provide a complete range of concrete waterproofing solutions for the construction industry in all forms including:
– Krystol admixture and remedial concrete waterproofing products
– Hyperseal waterstop treatments for construction & expansion joints
– KGM liquid membranes and sealants for all applications
– Polyglass sheet membrane systems

Krystol Group delivers its range of products and services to the Australian market with integrity, honesty and with the utmost importance being given to the consumer. Our vision is to provide products and services into the industry where a 100% guarantee can be achieved for new projects.

Before commencement of work, we undertake a consulting approach to look at the individual circumstances at hand as we understand that no two projects are identical. Having alliances with other manufacturers, such as Kryton and Hyperseal waterstop applications, allows us to provide the most suitable solution, without being restricted to one particular system.

Additionally, our partners all over Australia will be able to provide these services to you, regardless of your location.

Unit 7, 60 Box Rd
Taren Point
New South Wales
Phone Number: 02 9524 6688
Fax: 02 9524 4477
Contact Person 1: Aaran Duncan
Contact Person Mobile 1: 0423 200 743
Contact Person Email 1:
Contact Person 2: Brad Parkes
Contact Person Mobile 2: 0404 780 584
Contact Person Email 2:
Contact Person 3: Claude Fradel
Contact Person Mobile 3: 0404 212 292
Contact Person Email 3:
Contact Person 4: Mark Glenn
Contact Person Mobile 4: 0406 647 654
Contact Person Email 4:
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