RAL CO. Tunnel Waterproofing Specialist

Business no. 2530999

We are in the business of civil construction contracting and providing engineering and manpower services for over 5 years. We have a well-documented track record of all our projects, together with up-to-date verifiable audited financial reports.

To date, our company has acquired and completed 12 contract works.

In 2020/2021, our company had 87 full-time construction workers and 12 million turnovers for the financial year. We also met the eligibility criteria for, and successfully registered with the Construction Industry Council – Subcontractor Registration Scheme, the Hong Kong Construction Association, and the Hong Kong Registered Subcontractors Association.

In 2022, with our growing industry experience, we are broadening our expertise by expanding our services. We now have a strong directory of highly demanded staffers; TCP (Technically Competent Person), RCS (Registered Construction Supervisor), RSO (Registered Safety Officer), RPE (Registered Professional Engineer), and Registered Trade Workers; ready to onboard for our clients’ projects.

We will be most delighted to serve you if you are ever in need of job-specified manpower, and or looking into sub-letting your subcontract works. We will furnish you with the best team and workers in the industry.

Just give us a call and let us know what you want – we’ll take care of the rest.

Factory Unit Flat D, 3/F, Tsuen Tung Factory Building, 38-40 Chai Wan Kok Street, Tsuen Wan, NT
Hong Kong
New South Wales
Phone Number
+85 266 01 5247
Contact Person 1 (Full Name)
Mobile 1
+85 266 015 247
Email 1
Contact Person (Full Name) 2
Mobile 2
+85 295 499 352
Email 2


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