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70% of buildings built since 2000 leak. This is the consequence of current construction waterproofing practices possessing ineffective quality control measures. Water leaks and resultant damage accounts for 80% of all building defects costs. How can you be sure that this issue will not impact you?

Waterproofing Integrity aims elevate waterproofing industry performance by providing an innovative quality control service that is proudly backed by our defect free guarantee. Our team of technicians are highly trained in the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to provide quantitative reports on any waterproofing system, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

With a strong background in waterproofing contracting and diagnostics, we have witnessed the consequences that defective waterproofing inflicts on building occupants and those liable for the rectification. Waterproofing Integrity has identified and prevented over 3,000 waterproofing defects. We aspire to elevate the way our construction industry handles waterproofing risk through widespread adoption of superior quality control methods.

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