Waterstop Solutions

Waterstop Solutions
Company Name: Waterstop Solutions
ABN: 57135385036

The key to our quality workmanship is knowledge, experience, support from our partner suppliers, consultants and documentation. We work very closely with our suppliers and consultants to ensure we achieve the best results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the best remedial waterproofing company in Australia.

Executive summary

Waterstop Solutions (Qld) is committed to providing a high standard of service. With more than 50 years combined industry experience in our management team, we lead our work force to deliver just that. The best measure of our success is the “follow on” works from our existing clients.
Our commitment to safety and our impact on the environment always takes first priority. Our approach to quality is to plan; control; monitor and grow from the outcomes. Quality assurance is a tool for us; the client and the supplier to micro manage the critical elements of their project that ultimately produces an optimal result. With limited training opportunities for our field of expertise in Australia, we have invested in sending our project manager to Singapore, USA and Germany (recognized leaders in this field) to undergo extensive training. This provides us with the foundation for further development and up-skilling of our Australian workers.


We are a family owned business established by Harold Du Toit in 2009 to service the construction of the Clem 7 tunnel. Since its inception, Waterstop Solutions (Qld) and its team have helped grow the company into a well-respected entity. Our enthusiasm and passion helps us achieve our goals and expand our horizons without losing focus on what got us where we are.

We strive for excellence in service and ensuring an outcome that will continue to keep our company at the forefront. In early 2011, due to positive growth from the Airport Link tunnel project, we have focused on improving policy and procedures therefore ensuring projects are well managed and exceed client expectations.

At Waterstop Solutions we take great pride in our ever-growing large portfolio of projects that have been completed on time and within budget without compromising quality or safety.


Waterstop Solutions (Qld) has policies and procedures in place that are developed to meet industry standards. Constant review and development in the way we conduct our business benefits not only the company, but also our clients and employees. Guided by the health and safety of our employees, our impact and responsibilities to the environment and providing a quality service, we monitor and adapt to accommodate changes that impact us.

4/17 Kenworth Place, Brendale
Phone Number: 0732051899
Fax: 0732059719
Contact Person 1: Chris Anderson
Contact Person Mobile 1: 0417757713
Contact Person Email 1: chris@wsqld.com.au
Contact Person 2: Harold Du Toit
Contact Person Mobile 2: 0437331901
Contact Person Email 2: harold@wsqld.com.au
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