If you have a contracting business focused on the multi dwelling residential market, then there is a new platform that can transform the way you work.

Conqa is a Construction based Qualty Assurance platform that allows contractors and companies to easily and efficiently capture their QA & ITP requirements on site.

Quality is the ultimate measure of your progress, an efficient, transparent, collaborative effort in Quality Assurance ensures that you know that what’s built is built right.

Conqa customers love the ease and speed of which the QA information is gathered and provided to their clients. Specific benefits include:

  • simple, efficient and user friendly, automatically generating useful insights of the buildcreate a simple breakdown specific to your projects
  • on-site inspection tools so you never double up on work again
  • real time progress metrics to manage projects
  • highly valuable insight data

For more information visit conqa.com.au or call Brett Ryan on 0438 486 662