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How wall or floor lining systems & substrates are installed will have a dramatic effect on results

About this event

Many waterproofing failures can be attributed to poor processes conducted by the builder, or the builder’s sub-contractors. The importance of how the wall or floor lining systems and substrates have been installed will have a dramatic effect on the end result of the waterproofing installation success.

With many builders now placing such a heavy reliance on the sub-contractors be experts and to conduct their practices in accordance with installation guides, standards and most of the time unsupervised. We have seen a dramatic increase in unacceptable substrates being prepared for waterproofing installations.

Commonly, waterproofers are subjected to install the waterproof membrane to substrates that have been clearly installed incorrectly. Such scenarios comprise of incorrect fixing amounts, incorrect topping compounds being used, sheet flooring configuration, drainage types and amounts used, external cladding detailing, lack of expansion joints, inadequate fall methodology and overflow provisions.

In this session we will provide attendees with real-life situations of acceptable and unacceptable situations to view, including the installation guides do’s and don’ts. Whose fault is it, if the substrate has been installed incorrectly and the waterproof membrane has been installed over the top?

Remember this, “Once you accept the substrate it is your fault when it fails”.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Substrate suitability to the NCC and AS requirements
  • Breakdown of substrate installation guides.
  • Water resistant v waterproof
  • How to assess falls/ overflows for commercial and residential constructions
  • Losing your manufacturer’s warranty
  • What does substrate acceptance really mean?

Developed and presented by:

  • Byron Landeryou
  • Darin Fitzgerald
  • David Previte

CPD Points Earned: 1

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