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This webinar will help you gain better understanding of considering a holistic design and construct methodology.

About this event

Waterproofing failures of planter boxes is one of the top-ranking failure points in the construction industry. Unfortunately, to date, there is little guidance on how to design and waterproof planter boxes correctly. But the contributing factors of why planter boxes fail, is extensive. It is quite common to find large garden areas that are built over, or adjacent to buildings without adequate waterproofing protection This is a recipe for disaster.

Typically, we have two different common construction methods, rigid and lightweight constructed planters. Rigid, consisting of concrete and masonry structural elements, or lightweight, being constructed of timber/ steel framed and overlaid with compliant materials in accordance with AS4654.2-2012.

planter box event

The design of planter boxes must comprise of a holistic methodology, that considers a few key elements, such as, drainage, falls and overflow provisions, correct penetration detailing, sheet v liquid membrane selection, growing medium selection, protection, containment and ongoing maintenance serviceability.

This webinar will assist attendees to gain the understanding of considering a holistic design and construct methodology.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Mandatory NCC Compliance for planter box construction
  • Rain garden v planter box design considerations
  • Falls, drainage and overflow requirements
  • Correct service penetration detailing
  • Waterproof membrane selection
  • Root-resistance and protection methods
  • Efflorescence control
  • Serviceability and ongoing maintenance allowance

Developed and presented by:

  • Byron Landeryou
  • Martin Stockley

CPD Points Earned: 2

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