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Understanding Technical Data Sheets for Waterproofing

Course Overview

Anyone can buy waterproofing products, but results show us that not many applicators can install the products correctly. Incorrect application can lead to costly failures leaving applicators vulnerable to litigation claims. Statistically, product failure only attributes to approximately 5% of the failures we see in the industry, with design and application error 35% and 60% respectively (estimated percentages).

Main Takeaways

• How to identify if the product is compliant to the relevant codes and standards

• Identifying whether the product is “fit for purpose” for the site requirements

• Forming system compatibility chains

• Product warranty and compliance certificates

• Determining what you are covered for in the event of a failure

• How to determine if the job is going to cost you more than you can earn.

When Tuesday, 20 July, 2021

Time 5:00 – 6:30 PM

Style Online Live Webinar

CPD Credit 1

About the Trainer – Byron Landeryou – Waterproof Awareness
Byron Landeryou started out ‘on the tools’ as a wall and floor tiler and under-tile waterproofer. After 13 years at the coal-face of construction he discovered a passion for teaching. He soon scored a sessional teaching role with Holmesglen TAFE, followed by a full-time role with Melbourne Polytechnic where he invested 4 years teaching the wall/floor tiling and construction waterproofing sectors. Since then, Byron has held teaching roles with Master Builders Victoria (MBAV) and Master Builders South Australia (MBAS) where he has assisted in the course development for internal, external and below ground waterproofing. He now runs technical waterproofing webinars that focus on fundamental waterproofing mistakes. His point of difference is his ability to teach building professionals how to design and complete jobs in a way that incorporate the relevant codes, standards and manufacturers’ specifications as his license agreement with Standards Australia allows him to reference the relevant standards. Byron is a qualified Cert IV teacher who is driven to lift the calibre of the industry through improving the education around waterproofing.

Advertising of courses on the AIW website, social media etc. should not be construed as endorsement. The provider of this course is Waterproof Awareness. All enquiries regarding the webinars should be made directly to the course provider.

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