Leaking Basement – Waterproofing Repairs & Rectification

CASE STUDY – Combining waterproofing and structural repairs
The owner of this new home had a swimming pool under his house in the basement, which contributed to the unfortunate problem of mould and stench coming from the foundations. The builder did the waterproofing himself – using plastic and product bought from a local hardware!
It was a very tight situation; but our Team were fantastic with this job. The foundation was excavated and cleaned right down to the footings and then waterproofing application installed.

Custom made plumbing system was installed. We had our plumber fabricate special 100 mill sewer pipe into stormwater pipe cutting slots into it so it would not crush under the self-weight which normal 90 mill pipe often does.

Arma-Blue Protection Sheet was then used to protect the basement waterproofing from being damaged by backfill. As there was lot of excavation work, concreters were required followed by our Team completing the front courtyard, entire rear yard, colour matched everything, and then reinstated.

Our client reported that after huge rains we had in Melbourne – basement was bone dry.

Paul Evans
President – Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW)
Managing/Director – Findlay & Evans Waterproofing