507, 2021

Imperial Tower – Commissioner Chandler Cites Waterproofing Problems


NSW Commissioner Chandler cited serious waterproofing issues along with a raft of other defects to the Imperial Tower. Rectification works, including waterproofing, the load-bearing component of the building, fire safety system and drainage need to be addressed urgently before the strata plan can be registered and would-be residents can move in. To read the ABC article, click below. Commissioner Chandler Cites Waterproofing Problems

1106, 2021

Productivity Bootcamp – Government Assistance for Tradies


This is the Government assisted training for young people looking at entering a trade. Productivity Bootcamp is a comprehensive, 8-week program designed to develop a range of practical skills to get young people job-ready. Using purpose-built training sites that provide 100% practical learning in a controlled environment, these sites are supervised by experienced trade professionals with a desire to teach and develop young people. Check out this opportunity at -

3010, 2020

Down the Plughole


Down the Plughole (Open as PDF and rotate view for easy reading.) This article by The Sunday Telegraph relates to the following important waterproofing topics - remedial work certification building commissioner deflects standards waterproofing best practice litigation.

1709, 2020

Notice of AGM – Tuesday, 10 November 2020


 AIW's Annual General Meeting  Save the date - Tuesday, 10 November, 2020   Notice is given of the AIW's Annual General Meeting which will be held on Tuesday, 10 November, 2020 at 5:30PM. Attend online (ZOOM) or in person (if restriction allow) RSVP to Get involved. Read the Committee's report Make a difference Vote Join the committee Elect the new committee Forms Annual General Meeting - Notice & Report 2020 AIW - Nomination of a Candidate for a Committee Position 2020-2021 AIW Notice for Committee Nominations 2020-2021

2003, 2018

Do we need to vent a membrane roof?


The question has been raised regarding requirements for venting of the roofs on this building. The following points should be noted: 1) It is not the roof membrane which determines whether vents are required or not, but the construction of the roof, the roof space between the outer skin and the inner lining and the use of those areas immediately beneath the roof, which determine whether venting is required or not. 2) The purpose of venting is to ensure that there is no build-up of deleterious moisture within the space below the roof skin. Such excess moisture can cause deterioration [...]

1903, 2018

VIC – DELWP have rejected draft regulations for mandatory inspections of waterproofing


In a surprise reversal of the Victorian Building Regulations 2017 Draft the reforms to help correct the chronic waterproofing failures in buildings have been scrapped. The rationale for the reversal was feedback from the Building Surveyors fearing legal liability. Thus we go back to the beginning with the Builder (being the head Building Practitioner) required to sign off on Compliance of the waterproofing, with cover under his insurance. Adding to the waterproofing quality wows, any tradesperson can do waterproofing works up to the value of $10,000 (from $5,000) without proof of compliance to a Standard (AS3740 & AS4654.2). Typically waterproofing [...]

1110, 2017

Waterproofing president to speak at International Conference


Our AIW President, Paul Evans, is giving a talk at this years "International conference focusing on technical and market developments for waterproofing membranes in construction and civil engineering applications" held between 14-16th November in Cologne, Germany. It is the 11th annual international conference on Waterproof Membranes and will involve a cocktail evening to welcome guests followed by a 2-day program of presentations covering technical developments and market trends in the roofing and geomembrane waterproofing industry. Waterproof Membranes 2017 will offer superb opportunities to network and interact with engineers, specifiers, researchers and commercial personnel working for: the world’s leading membrane producers; [...]

2607, 2017

New Vic Legislation requires Waterproofing Mandatory Inspections


The Building Act 1993 remain, however current the Building Regulation 2006 are to be ‘sunset, replaced by the proposed Building Regulations 2017 (legislated around September) Changes in the 2017 Regulations which affect the waterproofing industry relate to “Part 13 – Inspections notices and Orders; Division 1 – Inspections and Directions; 169 Prescribed mandatory notification stages for construction or alteration of building”. For the first time a building inspector or surveyor must add the inspection:- “(e) prior to covering a waterproofing membrane in any wet areas” NOTE: AIW have proposed an amendment " (e) prior to covering, or final use, a [...]

505, 2017

Educating Specifiers


All too often we find the waterproofing details on project specifications are non-existent or very lacking in proper details. We find the waterproofing lumped in with all sorts of other items such as tiling, painting, plumbing, structural engineering and such. If the details are ambiguous then the old "apples for apples" is extremely difficult to apply and prices are all over the place. Most waterproofers have their own particular like and dislikes when it comes to what materials to use and how to install them. Choose the "right" product A particular material may or may not be the ideal product [...]

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