17 06, 2022

Waterproofing In 2022 & Beyond – 17 June – Newcastle

By |2022-05-02T10:32:42+10:00June 17th, 2022||

Waterproofing in 2022 & Beyond brings together three prominent waterproofing experts in one place. This half-day seminar provides an overview of the waterproofing industry’s state-of-play – the issues, the insights and the innovations. It takes you through the current crises (including the Leaky Building Syndrome) then delves into defect identification, competency requirements and the Australian [...]

28 02, 2022

MB QLD Offers – CPC31420 – Certificate 3 in Construction Waterproofing

By |2022-02-28T14:47:00+11:00February 28th, 2022|News|

If you are looking to obtain the CPC31420 – Certificate 3 in construction waterproofing, Master Builders Queensland is running an intensive 6-day course covering both theory and practice. Please note that to complete this course, you must be a qualified builder or have a relevant construction trade qualification and have a minimum of two years’ [...]

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