In a surprise reversal of the Victorian Building Regulations 2017 Draft the reforms to help correct the chronic waterproofing failures in buildings have been scrapped. The rationale for the reversal was feedback from the Building Surveyors fearing legal liability. Thus we go back to the beginning with the Builder (being the head Building Practitioner) required to sign off on Compliance of the waterproofing, with cover under his insurance.

Adding to the waterproofing quality wows, any tradesperson can do waterproofing works up to the value of $10,000 (from $5,000) without proof of compliance to a Standard (AS3740 & AS4654.2). Typically waterproofing renovations to bathrooms and balconies are well under $10,000. Thus VBA has no influence on enforcing NCC compliance via a deemed-to-satisfy solution via an Australian Standard. Thus the tradesman can have no knowledge of waterproofing and how to achieve an acceptable result.

The new Victorian Building Regulations 2018 will commence on 2nd June.