It is unfortunate that the proposed mandatory inspections for wet area waterproofing in the new Victorian Building Regulation for 2018 was defeated by pressure from the Building Surveyors. Thus, the defects and standard of waterproofing will continue to have little ‘policing’ pressure for both builders and the problem in the new regulations effective 2nd June 2018 is that works completed by an unregistered tradesperson can be done to the value of $10,000, which doesn’t require any compliance certificate. Which means anyone can complete waterproofing works on a project up to $10,000 without any controls. Caveat Emptor!

This decision has been taken against the Victorian Insurance Association’s data nomination waterproofing as the highest building defects in the last 8 years. Of the top 10 categories
of defects, waterproofing represents one third of the costs paid out. Clearly the Victorian market has a lot of work ahead to lift the standard of waterproofing.